Chad Dulle

Chad Dulle

PhD Candidate in Financial Economics

University of Cincinnati

Hello, and welcome to my academic webpage! I am Chad Dulle, a PhD student in Finance at the University of Cincinnati. My primary research interests revolve around behavioral finance and corporate governance, with a specific emphasis on understanding how the personal characteristics of the firm’s upper-management affect their decision-making and impact firm outcomes.

I am also intensely curious about the burgeoning field of FinTech, particularly in the transformative potential of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. I actively participate in the Bitcoin Blockchain and have had the opportunity to lead seminars enlightening finance faculty about these cutting-edge technologies.

Beyond my research, I am genuinely passionate about teaching. I believe in cultivating an environment that encourages curiosity, fosters critical thinking, and prepares students for the dynamic world of finance.

Please feel free to explore my webpage for more detailed information about my research, teaching philosophy, and other interests. If you have questions, feel free to send me an email ( Thank you for your visit!


Executive Gender and Overconfidence: The Effect on Mergers and Acquisitions

Download PDF Existing research documents significant gender and overconfidence effects in the merger and acquisition (M&A) decisions of firms. Namely, firms with female leadership tend to be less acquisitive, while firms with overconfident executives are more acquisitive.

Drivers of Firm Innovation: The Role of Overconfidence and Gender in the C-Suite

Download PDF Prevailing research suggests that firms led by female executives tend to be more risk-averse, a characteristic often linked to reduced corporate risk-taking. Given the critical role of risk-taking in fostering innovation, it would be natural to infer that such firms may lag in innovative pursuits.

Tweets from the Top: An Analysis of Twitter Behavior Among Overconfident CEOs

We examine the Twitter behavior of overconfident CEOs and explore its potential implications for their respective firms. Given the propensity of overconfident CEOs to engage in risk-taking behaviors, we postulate that these characteristics will be apparent in their Twitter activities.


Business Finance

In this core finance course, we explore the fundamental principles of finance, focusing on the key concepts of the time value of money and the risk-return tradeoff. This 'tools' course equips you with the necessary skills to analyze a wide variety of financial decisions.

Financial Markets and Institutions

The objective of this course is to describe in detail what financial markets are and how financial institutions operate within them. In doing so, we will learn how financial markets and institutions shape the broader economy.

Unpacking Blockchain and Cryptocurrency: A Seminar Series for Finance Researchers

In the rapidly evolving digital economy, blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies offer new paradigms for the field of finance. This seminar series aims to illuminate the inner workings and the transformative potential of these disruptive technologies.

Helpful Codes

Accessing Coin Gecko’s API for Cryptocurrency Market Data

Here I will give some simple examples of using Coin Gecko’s API to access market data for the broad cross-section of cryptocurrencies and tokens from various blockchains. Coin Gecko offers a basic subscription that is free to use for everyone interested in learning more about cryptocurrency data

Accessing Glassnode’s API for Cryptocurrency Metadata

The primary purpose of this file is to preview some of the data available via Glassnode’s API. Although this requires a paid subscription, Glassnode’s API offer the most expansive set of endpoints that I have seen accross all cryptocurrency API services that I have interacted with.

Scraping Reddit Data

Purpose Within this file, I share useful code for web scraping Reddit data. This includes keyword searching for subreddits, as well as extracting content from specific subreddit communities. Utilizing this data can enhance your research, allowing for a deeper dive into Social Network/Social Media analysis and market sentiment analysis.